What the Warranty Covers, and for how long? 

The full scooter is covered, including the electronics and battery, for 1 years from purchase.

How Can a Customer Claim on the Warranty? 

Contact Smart Scooter by email help@smartscooter.co.uk

The warranty work is completed by Xiaomi, however Pure Electric offer guidance and support through Xiaomi’s warranty process to ensure our customers receive the quickest and best service possible.

Is the scooter, water resistant for using in the rain and through light puddles?
The scooter is water resistant and can be used in the rain through light puddles.

If the battery runs out are you able to manually "scoot"?
Yes, but it unlikely as the battery life is very long. At the end the scooter will accelerate slower and the battery chart on the display will blink and go red. If you turn the scooter off or the battery runs out you can just normally scoot.

What is the rider weight limit?

How long does the battery last for?
It lasts up to 45 km without worrying about the battery: an indicator in the app will alert you when it is running out. In addition, it reaches a speed of 25km/h

Does this have the app technology?
Yes, there is an app for this scooter. Once you have downloaded it pair the scooter through Bluetooth and you will be ready to go. With this app, you are able to check the battery level, speed, average speed, single mileage etc. Overall a really helpful app.

Can I use the scooter for commuting?
Our Smartscooters can be used for commuting both for general travel and travel to work which is cost effective and saves money as opposed to paying for public transport or driving.

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